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Fear Shrinks Your World

He reminded me of a sensitive plant. The plant with leaves that are open as default, but curl up and shrink into themselves at the gentlest touch of the breath or a finger. Mike (not his real name) was painfully … Continue reading

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More About Kindness

I believe that there are two elemental emotions at the base of our attitudes towards the world and my own life–fear and love. Fear reveals itself as anger, anxiety, bigotry, cynicism, disgust, greed, hatred, tyranny, and violence. Love shows up … Continue reading

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There’s no shame in admitting that one is influenced and often moved by dreams, intuition, and the subconscious. This is normal and healthy when we keep in mind that these phenomena are illusory in nature. Experience reminds us that illusory … Continue reading

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Well, after the tiring hype that’s been happening since September, Halloween has finally arrived. The holiday seems more anti-climatic than in previous years. I suppose that’s what so much marketing and expectation does to such days as today. I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Feeling Threatened

When we feel threatened it seems that we are triggered either by the mystery of the person or thing; or that we know the actual potential for harm the person or thing has. This little truism came to mind after … Continue reading

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Worry is ubiquitous. Worry can be destructive and exhausting. Worry can also be creative. Wait! How can all of these be true? Basically, worry is our built-in technique of dealing with fear. Worry is the mind’s way of trying to … Continue reading

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A life lived in fearfulness is an unpleasant life. It is unattractive to those around us and ugly to ourselves. There are many categories of fear: fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of darkness, fear of crowds, fear … Continue reading

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