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On Floral Design Day 2023

There is no rational reason why most of us enjoy the sight of flowers. Beauty is a subjective, yet social construct; and flowers come under that category. One can contemplate flowers in the same mindset as one can contemplate the … Continue reading

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New Experiments …Floral Friday

The very first Floral Friday ushers in 2021 with optimism for a good beginning this year. I selected three projects that evoke joy and clear vision. The unique containers draw the eye towards simple, clean arrangements. They are placed in … Continue reading

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It’s Floral Design Day

The act of arranging flowers for display or floral design is an ages old art form that crosses cultural boundaries. Archaeologists have even found evidence that ancient Egyptians offered arrangements of flowers to the gods. Then, as now, design traditions … Continue reading

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On Floral Design Day

A comment I sometimes hear at funeral visitations goes something like this, “I didn’t want to spend money on something so frivolous as flowers.”  I don’t know if the commenter is being miserly or if they’re financially strapped.  In either … Continue reading

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Design Moderne …Floral Friday

It’s May Day and a progressive force underlies the spirit of the day.  I was afraid there might be a city ordinance prohibiting May Poles on private lawns, so I settled for a sense of contemporary design and pots of … Continue reading

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