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Sometimes I wonder if other people who enjoy thinking about alternative world history also enjoy pondering alternative personal history. I know that I like to do both. In the physical sense, if my great-grandparents had not moved away from Europe … Continue reading

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Dandelions Are Blooming

A new book about paper flower crafting explained how to make paper dandelion blooms. I smiled at the possible scenario of somebody who lives in a suburban home with a perfect “Scotts” lawn spending a few hours to create some … Continue reading

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On Floral Design Day

A comment I sometimes hear at funeral visitations goes something like this, “I didn’t want to spend money on something so frivolous as flowers.”  I don’t know if the commenter is being miserly or if they’re financially strapped.  In either … Continue reading

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Something About Chrysanthemums

Japanese culture considers the chrysanthemum a symbol of the Sun.  They see the unfolding petals as representatives of perfection.  Some claim a petal at the bottom of a wine glass encourages a long life.  Confucius used them as subjects of … Continue reading

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This Is Floral Design Day

Naturally, I want to use the last post of February to salute an activity that I find very rewarding and enjoyable. Floral Design Day is a commemoration that I always celebrate in a real, physical sense. In this instance, I … Continue reading

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Happy Red Rose Day

Oscar Wilde once said, “A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. It would be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in the garden to be both red and roses.”  He … Continue reading

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Year-Ender …Floral Friday

Well, this is the last Floral Friday of the year already!  The last of the unfinished business needs attention.  That means my project list needs closure, too.  I’m glad to clear the slate and ease my mind in preparation for 2013. … Continue reading

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