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Lascaux Paintings

When I first contemplated book images of the Neolithic paintings discovered in a cave in the Vézère valley  near Montignac, France, I thought the location in that country was very fitting. After all, France is famous for their national love … Continue reading

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Joan Of Arc And The Dangers Of Cross Dressing

Joan of Arc, one of the most celebrated heroines of all time, died because of her practice of cross-dressing.  Of course the legend is much more nuanced than this condensed sentence suggests, but, in a nugget, that’s what happened. Medieval … Continue reading

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The End Of Tsarist Russia (Review)

I noticed The End of Tsarist Russia: The March to World War I & Revolution during the lead up to the December holiday season.  Despite the timing, I knew this was a must read book.  The urge to bring it … Continue reading

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A Few Cartier-Bresson Tidbits

His photographs contain an undercurrent of tension, an eye for the unusual, second-guessing, and the aura of patience. Henri Cartier-Bresson has been the subject of books, essays, and, most of all, exhibitions.  Every time I come across one of his … Continue reading

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Behind Chanel No. 5

One of the prime movers in the reconfiguration of women’s style during the early 20th century was, herself, a person of change and reinvention.  Only someone as bold as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, could pull off such a lifestyle tour de force. … Continue reading

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Trans en Provence Incident

“We cannot give a precise and unique interpretation to this remarkable combination of results.  We can state that there is, nonetheless, another confirmation of a very significant event which happened on this spot.” This was the non-committal statement by investigators … Continue reading

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The Anglo Swedish War

Russia has been a major factor in the foreign relations of nations for centuries. This has been especially true in regards to Scandinavia. To the Russian factor, we find Britain’s relations with the European mainland, especially its dealings with France. The crazy quilt of … Continue reading

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