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On Thomas Paine Day

Despite commonly held opinions, many people are opposed to and frightened of  actual freedom.  This has long been the case, even here in the United States of America, where freedom is highly praised. One of our founding fathers, who was … Continue reading

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Arc De Triomphe Is Inaugurated

Napoleon Bonaparte came up with the idea of a triumphal arch to salute the victories of his imperial armies in 1806.  Napoleon voiced his plan shortly after his victory at Austerlitz.  He had in mind the triumphal arches built in … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Victor Hugo

The words of Victor Hugo appear in various types of literature and are often cited in motivational and political circles. He accomplished the task of being incredibly intelligent while achieving intense popularity during his own time.  His major works are … Continue reading

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A Voltaire Sampler

Voltaire was a man of much wisdom who could deliver it in a witty way.  He was able to deliver irony without the grit of the cynics.  He said as much while winking at himself and the reader.   I’m glad my … Continue reading

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Le Quatorze Juillet

Today is the French National Day.  Much of the earth knows today as Bastille Day.  The French people celebrate their holiday much the same as citizens of nations who celebrate an Independence Day. “Le Quatorze Juillet” translates to “the 14th … Continue reading

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