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We Are Family

Not all of the time-worn clich├ęs are worn-out. Many of them have been shown true throughout the years. One of them regards making room in our lives for the stuff that matters like: fun and joy, love and generosity, friends … Continue reading

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Foul-Weather Friend

I recently learned that one of my former roommates passed away late last year. Joseph was a goofy, kind-hearted guy who enjoyed being part of a large friends group. He sometimes complained that most of them were superficial, when considering … Continue reading

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Sincerely Yours

“How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company.” I encountered this anonymous statement on Facebook of all places. It stood out from the trite, feel-good memes one usually encounters on social media. Did this … Continue reading

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Ol’ Buddies

On a lark, I dragged out the old Kodak Carousel slide projector to see if the projection bulb still worked. It didn’t, so I replaced it with one of the few spares still squirreled away. With the fresh bulb in … Continue reading

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Good Radio People

I awakened quite early in the wee hours of the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I got out of bed and started writing this post. The mind was active recalling the minutia of a typical shift at … Continue reading

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A Major Life Event

Earlier this month, a personal relationship issue was finally resolved. There had been a few major compatibility issues with my long term significant other. After several months of consideration, we amicably decided to part ways. This was a milestone for … Continue reading

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Knowing People

We meet and become acquainted with people. They make us laugh and cry. Some mesh with us on our level while others pretend to try. Some say “hello” some say “goodbye”. People appear and disappear before they die. Two or … Continue reading

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