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During my habitual Sunday afternoon reminiscing, I reflected about my late friend and how he lived his life. I first met Charlie before he closed down his small, downtown clock and watch repair business. He always exchanged pleasantries with his … Continue reading

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Knowing People

There’s something unbalanced about having many strangers knowing your face and voice. The public’s one-sided relationship remains somewhat unsettling when complete strangers walk up to you and begin conversing like you’re old friends. Some people believe they know you better … Continue reading

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Knowing Others

I heard the verse being read by a commentator on Public Radio while I was washing the lunch dishes. I quickly dried my hands, then searched Ecosia to make certain to get the quote and citation correct. “to live in … Continue reading

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Human Beings Week

During the past twelve months or so, I’ve attended four funerals and received the obituaries of three more people who live far away. I’ve attended two weddings and received one additional invitation but did not attend because it took place … Continue reading

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Thinking About Loyalty

The ancient Roman historian Suetonius documented the fate of Julius Caesar. He wrote that the soothsayer Spurinna warned the ruler in mid-Februarius (February) that 30-days hence were to be perilous and that the danger would end on the Ides of … Continue reading

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On Friendship Day

Some of our holidays commemorate controversial events or people, that’s just the way things are. There are at least a few unofficial holidays that I believe should be official and hold a much more prominent place on our calendars. Foremost … Continue reading

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Returning Borrowed Stuff

A couple of days ago, while waiting in line to check out a couple of books from the library, I couldn’t help overhearing the patron in front of me getting chewed out.  Apparently she was trying to weasel out of … Continue reading

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