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Well, we made it to the penultimate day of 2020. It’s a day to ponder and reconcile how we interfaced with the world and our dreams. Today is a good time to do this before we get caught up in … Continue reading

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High Expectations

Those of us who fall for clickbait and click on the links, still have a little bit of faith in humanity. Although the lion’s share of clickbait turns out to be lame, misleading, or overloaded with advertising, once in a … Continue reading

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To write about good character is to enter into one major trap of  bad character–being moralistic. It’s easy to get on one’s high horse and quote scripture and dusty literary tales. We can risk coming off as prigs by attempting … Continue reading

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Happiness Happens

If only I could own a quaint home with a white picket fence and have a brand new car in the driveway, I’d be happy forever. How many of us have similar wishes? Maybe the dream is for a mansion … Continue reading

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Six Months To Live

After you recover from the emotional shock, what would you do if you found out you have exactly six more months to live?   That was the question on a radio talk show recently.  There were as many answers as there … Continue reading

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Leap Day

Hurrah! Today is the bonus day of the year.  Do you celebrate or observe anything special on the extra day of each intercalary year? Maybe you simply note that today means that the end of February “leaps over” one of … Continue reading

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Public speaking on the radio and public speaking in front of an audience elicit different emotions in me.  Sitting inside of a studio in front of a mic is second nature and fits like a glove.  Standing in front of … Continue reading

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