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Have you noticed how often people proclaim that things should be fun? Saying that such and such should be fun seems as overused as the words, “cool” and “awesome”. I almost expect experts to proclaim that brain surgery should be … Continue reading

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We live in dark times. The nation is going through a period of malaise with lots of infighting, intrigue, extremism, economic woes, narcissism, climate change, and Nazi’s marching in the streets. It’s easy to fall into the emotional blahs or … Continue reading

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Just For Fun …Floral Friday

I was in a particularly happy mood before I assembled this week’s projects. This was “bonus” happiness, because usually whenever I put together arrangements, I arrive at a better mood during the assembly process. My glee certainly influenced the choice … Continue reading

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Fun Faces …Floral Friday

The smile is the universal gesture of friendliness and light-heartedness around the world. Smiles are not limited to human faces. Some of our animal friends seem to smile. We also like to create inanimate objects with smiles. When we see … Continue reading

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