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Philosopher Alan Watts compared our planet to an apple tree in one of his deep, yet entertaining talks.  It’s a 50-plus year old lecture in which he says we are not born into the world but born out of it. The … Continue reading

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“The frosty sky, like a furnace burning, The keen air, crisp and cold, And a sunset that splashes the clouds with gold But my heart to summer turning.” The first stanza of “A Winter Sunset” by Lord Alfred Douglas sums … Continue reading

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Andromeda Is Only One Of Many

There will be a gigantic collision that will involve our home, but none of us will be alive to witness it. When all is said and done, there will be a giant collection of stars. The Andromeda Galaxy and our own Milky … Continue reading

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One of my latest guilty pleasures is watching Russian “Fail” videos on YouTube. While I do not care to see people harm themselves, the disorderly, chaotic human behavior shown in the videos amuses me. It all began innocently enough, with Russian car crash clips … Continue reading

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Like A Galaxy

Our lives have often been called a microcosm of the universe. I stumbled upon that viewpoint as I contemplated and concentrated on the thoughts in my head this morning as I geared into meditation.  Galaxies are endlessly fascinating structures that … Continue reading

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