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The winter holidays are in full swing. That means, for most of us, we have high expectations about how they will turn out. The traditions are many and the hype surrounding them is overwhelming. The advertising is out of this … Continue reading

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We’ve already been bombarded with commercials and advertising that urge us to purchase holiday gifts. The ads may feature perfect smiling people in idyllic settings. We can count on there being some sort of holiday background music–perhaps sleigh-bells or a … Continue reading

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Giving And Receiving

Second cousin Neal was generous to a fault. He seemed to find a lot of joy in giving gifts of things and of his time. In today’s parlance, Neal (not his real name) was a people-pleaser. His self-sacrifice was so … Continue reading

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So Generous

The weather was unsettled; and so was I. Yesterday was another day of idleness. I didn’t feel motivated to do any of my projects. Lounging in the easy chair was exactly where I wanted to be. Naturally, the default state … Continue reading

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Rising By Lifting Others

A big, uncomfortable truth of life is that, deep inside, we don’t wish other people to be happier than ourselves. We skirt this issue because we want to appear magnanimous and good. The best among us want humanity as a … Continue reading

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Love A Mensch

Our culture has superheroes who have attributes and qualities that are realistically unattainable. On the other hand, there are other characters who possess such attributes and qualities as honor, integrity, charity, and friendliness, that are attainable. Such down to Earth, … Continue reading

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Holiday Togetherness

The end of December is the time when people seem more open-hearted and kind. Our celebration of Christmas and the numerous other December holidays, might account for much of this positivity. In the Northern Hemisphere, December coincides with wintertime–a time … Continue reading

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