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Considering Circles

I spotted my old “Pre-Calculus” textbook on the bookshelf yesterday and smiled as I recalled that I had never put that knowledge to practical use in my life. Dad had strongly suggested that I should try to develop a love … Continue reading

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Tall Not Wide …Floral Friday

The shapes of objects are worth contemplating alone for their own merits. We take shapes then manifest them in materials and enhance them with color.Today’s projects are more about size and shape and less about color. The reason I posed … Continue reading

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π Day Today

I’m going to be irrational today and go full circle by wishing you a Happy π Day. There are 3.141592… reasons for us to celebrate. We recognize this unofficial holiday because it is 3/14–March 14th written in the American configuration … Continue reading

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Threes …Floral Friday

Pythagoreans said that the number three is the first true number because it is the first number that forms a geometrical figure. In their minds, the triangle symbolized harmony, wisdom, and understanding. Three is significant in many cultures.  For example, … Continue reading

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Pi Approximation Day

It just goes on and on and on forever. The world’s most famous mathematical constant is π or pi.  π is an irrational number, that is, its digits randomly repeat infinately. π denotes the relationship between the circumference of a … Continue reading

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The Gateway Arch

The simple appearance and design of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri hide some complex mathematics, geometry, and technology.  It should be a geek mecca. When I visited the monument, the stark elegance satisfied my love for modern forms … Continue reading

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Cylindrical …Floral Friday

Jorge confessed that he couldn’t help being a smarty-pants when I brought out my latest projects so he could give me his opinions of them.  I announced that all three vases were in the shape of cylinders.  He reminded me … Continue reading

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