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Genealogy has been an interest to people on both sides of my family for as long as I remember. One of mom’s aunts involved herself in extensive research about her family’s German roots. She published a thick book about her … Continue reading

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I Just Discovered More Postcards

My father was a prolific pack-rat, but he was not a hoarder in the popular sense of the word. When he wasn’t designing and building bridges and highways, he was collecting antiques and vintage stuff to sell. He actually sold … Continue reading

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The End Of Tsarist Russia (Review)

I noticed The End of Tsarist Russia: The March to World War I & Revolution during the lead up to the December holiday season.  Despite the timing, I knew this was a must read book.  The urge to bring it … Continue reading

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Great Union Day

I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts that I wish the school systems could teach more Eastern European history in high school. If I could have had just a simple, working knowledge of the principalities and small nations, I would have been inspired to … Continue reading

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Heute Ist Der Schicksalstag

If you like to catch up on history, you’re in luck today, especially if German history is your thing. Today is Schicksalstag. Either by coincidence or plan, several noteworthy events happened on the ninth of November in Germany. Schicksalstag translates into English as “fateful day”. … Continue reading

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Mata Hari

The cartoon short, “Plane Daffy” exposed me to a twisted version of history. I was only ten-years-old, but I knew that particular Daffy Duck episode was World War Two propaganda. I later learned that the villainess of the story was a parody of Mata … Continue reading

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German American Day

My brother and I used to inform new acquaintances that we are Swedo-German-Americans. This was in response to other neighborhood kids who bragged about their own ancestry in similar terms. Mark even followed my example of learning to speak German. It was during my … Continue reading

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