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Opining About The Heat Again

The Facebook meme asked the question, “Name one thing that most people like that you dislike.” In the comments section, I typed, “summer”. The answer was reflexive–made without much thought put into it. I had just cleaned up after mowing … Continue reading

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Adapting To The Future

Futurism is a subject that fascinates many of us. I go through stretches of time intensely considering what civilization might be like after I’ve passed away. Much of this pondering has to do with what type of legacy will my … Continue reading

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Is It Hot Enough For You?

During extreme weather, we have a couple of idiomatic greetings to use in place of, “How are you?”. In the winter, there’s, “Is it cold enough for you?” In the summer we have, “Is it hot enough for you?” This … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading science fiction since the mid 1960s.  Some of the books and short stories I’ve enjoyed have dealt with the the intersection of sci-fi and the Earth’s climate. This genre has been labeled climate fiction or “cli-fi”. One very … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Day

Ursus maritimus means “maritime bear”.  Interestingly enough, the polar bear, is classified as a marine mammal. This is because a polar bear spends most of its life on sea ice. These large, powerful carnivores are also culturally important to the … Continue reading

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Preserve The Ozone

One of the Earth’s most dangerous manmade problems is slowly going away because of our own proactive efforts.  The massive hole in our Ozone Layer is healing because of the phase-out of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) from technology and consumer goods. About … Continue reading

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Global Wind Day

Because I live in Nebraska, I receive my electricity from a municipal, publicly owned utility.  My state has the distinction of being the only state in the United States “where every single home and business receives electric service from publicly … Continue reading

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