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Some Words Regarding Words

During the past year or so, I’ve been gradually downsizing my personal library. I was first motivated to do so a few years ago, when some of my cousins and I had to liquidate dad’s collections of books. The majority … Continue reading

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A good technique to use when shutting down the “monkey mind” internal monologue is to conjugate the irregular verb “to be”. The uniqueness of that verb blows the mind of grammarians. I climbed down that rabbit-hole yesterday afternoon on a … Continue reading

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Partly Cloudy

I finished sweeping the walks, the driveway, and the lawnmower. After returning the mower and broom to the garage, I locked the overhead door and breathed a sigh of relief. Feeling grateful that the mowing was done for another week, … Continue reading

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Punctuation Day

I had my first meaningful encounter with the dreaded semicolon as a college freshman. Prior to then, I was in denial about my troubled relationship with that punctuation mark.  Perhaps, more likely, I simply had not paid attention during that … Continue reading

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