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Changing Circumstances

A bout of nostalgia settled in around me this weekend after perusing old papers I had set aside for posterity many years ago. It dawned on me that now is the posterity I had wondered about when I was much … Continue reading

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Yippie! It’s Summer

The calendar says that it’s Summer today. It’s the time when people expect life to be at its peak. There are the swimming pools, the smell of fresh cut lawns, and the luxury of barbecued food for dinner. For most … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Warren Buffett

A person living in Nebraska can rarely get by without hearing something about the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett. He’s a larger than life character with a cult-like following around the world.  People want to be filthy-rich, just like him. … Continue reading

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Old And New Inauguration Day

The Inauguration of a United States President and Vice-President is one of the most spectacular and peculiar events on the official calendar. It took a Constitutional Amendment to actually set the date and time for the actual ending of the … Continue reading

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Pretty Boy Floyd

I stumbled across an historically questionable movie on the Web late this past summer featuring Pretty Boy Floyd. The movie, “Public Enemies” piqued my interest in unsavory characters. As far as notorious criminals go, Pretty Boy Floyd was one of the most unsettling gangsters. … Continue reading

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Thinking About The Dust Bowl

During my childhood, I learned there was actually no such time as the good ol’ days.  The earliest and most repetitive stories and reminiscences about the past were recounted by my maternal grandfather.  He often waxed nostalgic about the struggles … Continue reading

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Dorothea Lange

Cameras and photography are everywhere today.  We’re literally awash in photographic images about our daily lives.  We rarely give much thought to this phenomenon. It wasn’t always this way.  Photographing our lives used to be much more rare and artful … Continue reading

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