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Save The Bison

Wildlife conservation and concern about the environment aren’t the relative latecomers to activism that many of us imagine.   There have been pockets of concerned citizens who have made it their missions to preserve the native creatures of our homeland. One … Continue reading

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Thinking About The Dust Bowl

During my childhood, I learned there was actually no such time as the good ol’ days.  The earliest and most repetitive stories and reminiscences about the past were recounted by my maternal grandfather.  He often waxed nostalgic about the struggles … Continue reading

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The Great Blizzard Of 1899

It’s still Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, and the risk of blizzard activity will be around for awhile. Here, in the Great Plains, the topic of discussion is usually the weather.  Wintertime brings out grumbling about cold temperatures and snow … Continue reading

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Where Are The Monarch Butterflies?

Four years ago, the cedar trees near the river in my backyard were the way station for swarms of Monarch butterflies.  The little creatures were resting from the long day’s migration flight.  Small groups of them stopped for nectar at … Continue reading

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The Tom Walker

I think I’ll chance one more review of a novel by Mari Sandoz today.  I was a bit reluctant to do so, but then thought better of it, because I’m in the midst of a personal Mari Sandoz revival.  Maybe … Continue reading

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