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During this year’s political campaign season, we’re going to be inundated with seemingly endless advertising about this or that politician’s respectability. We will once again be subjected to a peculiar form of narcissistic speech and behavior that has long been … Continue reading

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Rising By Lifting Others

A big, uncomfortable truth of life is that, deep inside, we don’t wish other people to be happier than ourselves. We skirt this issue because we want to appear magnanimous and good. The best among us want humanity as a … Continue reading

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Letters To Santa

Dad had us write letters to Santa Claus around Halloween time each year. He requested them long after any of us still believed in Santa. Dad’s request for our letters coincided with the arrival of the Sears Holiday catalogue “Wish … Continue reading

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Know Your Star

“What about your ruling star?” Without preamble, my young friend Jonathan asked this out of the blue. I wondered if he meant one of the stars in the evening sky, or was he curious about the ruling astronomical body in … Continue reading

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Having It All

There are some infomercials on the Internet produced by an over-enthusiastic man that trigger me to click the “skip” button on YouTube. These are ten minutes or longer which makes the commercial longer than the music video or vlog post … Continue reading

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It seems like we humans are never happy with simply being. We often strive towards becoming someone or something else. If we’re unhappy we try to become happy. If we think we’re ugly we want to become beautiful. If we’re … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I think it’s a holiday that needs to be officially observed every month in our consumption based social culture. There are a couple of reasons we are told to be grateful. The … Continue reading

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