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Yesterday turned out to be a Monday of Mondays. The day began fine enough–pleasant weather, nice breakfast, and posting to the blog early. I then decided to do some planned yardwork. The shrubbery trimming task went faster than anticipated. The … Continue reading

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More Ramblings About Happiness

“There is no way to happiness–happiness is the way.”–Zen Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh The above quote is written on the refrigerator in whiteboard ink near the door handle so I can see it frequently. This helps to remind me that … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Joy

The rain shower ended nearly as suddenly as it had started. The Sun was unveiled from the grey clouds and the aroma of ozone filled the air. I glanced towards the east and noticed a partial arc of a rainbow. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Life

Thomas, sprang a question onto me out of thin air, “What would be your perfect life?” My young friend sometimes throws me off guard with his interrogations. Thomas likes to insert philosophical questions into our friendly conversations. His curiosity is something … Continue reading

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To Be Happy

Yesterday afternoon, I reheated a cup of coffee in the microwave. then did the same for the rice-husk filled heating pad that I bought at Walgreen’s a couple of years ago. Then I brought both items to the living room … Continue reading

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Regarding Conflict

“Happiness is overrated. There has to be conflict in life.”–Brad Pitt Happiness is a fleeting state of mind because it comes about as the product of purpose, function, and conflict. If we search for happiness only for happiness’ sake, we … Continue reading

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Well, we made it to the penultimate day of 2020. It’s a day to ponder and reconcile how we interfaced with the world and our dreams. Today is a good time to do this before we get caught up in … Continue reading

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