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Thinking About Tolerance

Hatred and ill-will are toxic to a nation’s conscience and capacity for wisdom. The normalizing of enmity and domestic hostility are the seeds of brutality, social unrest, and the undoing of social progress. With diminishment of basic levels of humane … Continue reading

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”–George Santayana. The philosopher could well have added that there are those who use history as their play-book. Through officialdom’s winks and nods, the extreme acts of vandalism and arson … Continue reading

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A Few Reflections About The Holocaust

That there are still Nazis, Klan followers, and vast numbers of people who deeply hate humans of various categories is almost as disturbing as the Holocaust. This indicates that humanity as a whole does not or refuses to learn the … Continue reading

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The Internet click-bait quiz says that my dislike of fish says that I love to have fun, enjoy festive parties, and am very outgoing. Internet quizzes are ubiquitous on Facebook. This particular quiz was titled “What Your Least Favorite Foods … Continue reading

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Renaissance Of The Heart

Doesn’t the state of the nation feel a bit “off” lately? (The nation could be any country, but I’m thinking specifically about the United States of America.) The feeling reminds me of when you feel slightly queasy in the gut … Continue reading

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Happy Hate Week

A popular political Internet meme says, ” Nineteen Eighty-Four was meant to be a warning, not a handbook”. I wonder if George Orwell ever pondered the possibility that his book could have such negative consequences as seem apparent today. After … Continue reading

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August Doldrums

A couple of days ago, Jorge stopped by for one of his impromptu visits.  Since the weather was hot and muggy, we sipped tall glasses of ice tea instead of our usual coffees.  My pal said he was feeling listless … Continue reading

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