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To Listen

Yesterday afternoon, a garbage truck was compacting a load of trash; a large dog was barking; some squirrels were scolding a stray cat; a neighbor continually revved the engine of his Ford Mustang; a robin was chirping; and an ambulance … Continue reading

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Schultz observed the conversation between Andy and me last Thursday. First he looked at Andy as my friend spoke, then Schultz watched me as I spoke. Schultz is Andy’s German Shepherd. I commented on Schultz’s behavior because I have rarely … Continue reading

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Hearing Noises

Just a few moments ago the furnace cycled off then a second later there was a “boom” noise. It was the sound of the sheet metal ductwork returning to its resting shape. Over the past few years, the combination of … Continue reading

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To Listen

To hear is not always to listen.  In the strictest sense, to hear is the ability to perceive sounds; to listen is to make an effort to specifically hear something and pay attention to it. Now that I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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The Real World

When it comes to mental “Tom Foolery” and deception, few things can top the Real World.  This thought popped into my head last night as I was driving my car back home.  The more I thought about it, the more … Continue reading

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Internal Timing

Have you ever thought about how you coordinate a thought with physical action?  Basic synchronization is something that we not only can do instinctively, but something we learn to do well. If you’ve ever watched a small child learn to … Continue reading

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