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The Left Lane Bandit

You’ve experienced this:  You’re driving down the highway, enjoying the journey, minding your own business when you encounter a slower car or truck. You cannot pass it because some self-important schmuck just drives on and on in the passing lane. Perhaps you’ve … Continue reading

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Older Driver’s Safety

One spring day in 2011 dad and I sat down to have “the talk” about his driving.  Throughout his life he had been a very careful driver and had been in no traffic accidents.  At one time, dad even received … Continue reading

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Road Studs

Perhaps it is an urban legend, maybe not.  The invention of those reflectorized road studs seems to be the stuff of myth.  In 1933, Englishman Percy Shaw had been driving down a road in a very dense fog at night.  … Continue reading

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Traffic Fatalities

The long romance of Americans with motor vehicles is a sordid one.  We’re addicted to our vehicles something fierce.  Like all romances, tragedy comes into play.  With cars and trucks the tragedy is the heartbreak of fatalities. On this day … Continue reading

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