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Honesty Is The Best Policy

“I’m kind of a player, so I brought her anger on myself.” Ted (not his real name) told me this during a flight from Omaha to Denver a few years ago. His words of woe flowed freely from him almost … Continue reading

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On Coming Out Day

Greetings to you on National Coming Out Day. This is one of my all-time favorite non-federal holidays because of its meaning to my allies and myself. October eleventh of each year was selected because it is the anniversary of the … Continue reading

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That Honest Smile

I only heard him laugh once but it was a very weak strained chuckle. He was a past friend I knew for a dozen years or so. For anonymity sake, let’s call him Keith. He grew up in a prosperous … Continue reading

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To mention that we live in a society that is awash in deception is to restate the obvious. We begin our childhood by being deceived by the adults around us. They rarely question the practice of deception; in fact, they … Continue reading

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Sincere And Truthful

If a person has no liveliness nor authenticity, she or he is inhibited and comes off as a mannequin. Such a person will be judged by others as vain and unhelpful to society–or worse. This piece of pithy wisdom was … Continue reading

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The Real Deal

Here and there we hear about influencers, and see doctored photos on social media and elsewhere. It seems that such people are not happy with themselves and wish to present an enhanced image of themselves. This requires plenty of time … Continue reading

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We do not have to buy into other people’s expectations and dreams, nor must we play god to other people. We can be assertive in pursuit of our own goals without being arrogant and deceitful as we go about our … Continue reading

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