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Potted Arrangements …Floral Friday

Sometimes I just like to enjoy the tactile sensation of handling flower pots. I’m not sure why. Maybe because mom used to display a few small pots at a south window of the family home. It could be due to … Continue reading

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Bamboo Repot …Floral Friday

Procrastination about repotting my bamboo bush finally came to an end this past Sunday morning.  I felt some trepidation because of my lack of a green thumb and that the plant was a gift for dad’s funeral last year.  I … Continue reading

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House Plants And Me

The most famous cinematic indoor plant might be the giant man-eating flower in the sci-fi comedy spoof “The Little Shop of Horrors”. The fictional plant was a special crossbred variety between a butterwort and a Venus flytrap. The plant was … Continue reading

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