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Humility Has Been Undervalued

Somehow Jonathan and I went down the rabbit hole of humility earlier this week. My pal had been grousing about the boastful politicians who claim that only they can fix what’s wrong with America and the world. He also complained … Continue reading

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Proud Leaders

The word “pride” is a touchy, complicated one. In the positive sense, it can mean being thankful and affirmative about one’s own state of being. For example, this form is used when discussing national pride, or LGBT Pride. In the … Continue reading

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We do not have to buy into other people’s expectations and dreams, nor must we play god to other people. We can be assertive in pursuit of our own goals without being arrogant and deceitful as we go about our … Continue reading

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On Modesty

An ancient Zen master used a saying when he taught his student monks about modesty: “It is hard to live long with a great name.” I’ve tried numerous times to find out the name of that Zen master. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Ego Tripping

The Leo male is the “King of the Zodiac”. The Leo manages to find himself in the limelight more frequently than not. The way to infuriate the Leo is to snub him. The Leo’s main attribute and also his biggest … Continue reading

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Being Real

“We’re fond of thinking we’re the bee’s knees, aren’t we?” Jonathon’s question was more commentary than query, so I simply flashed my friend a mischievous grin. Without any pre-planning nor consultation with each other, both of us had dressed ourselves … Continue reading

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Struggles With Egotism

My friend Jorge’s husband José, likes to include a quotation in the signature portion of his personal emails. His practice is much like the Blue Jay of Happiness quotes that close my daily blog. The pithy quote that ended his … Continue reading

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