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A Civilization Of Loners?

Ruben and I nursed diet colas while we reclined in his pair of vintage folding aluminum patio chairs. The kind of chairs constructed of very lightweight metal framing with interwoven plastic strips of green and white. Such chairs are prone … Continue reading

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If you had to describe the standard Christmas fables we Americans believe about Santa Claus, you’d soon realize how peculiar and somewhat creepy ol’ Saint Nick would seem to outsiders.  However, the American holiday fairy tale, certainly will have to … Continue reading

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Vinland Is Discovered

I count myself as one of those people who love a great adventure saga. The closer to truth the odyssey appears to be, the more curious I become. The more a story is glossed over, the more fascinated with it I am. The … Continue reading

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Icelandic National Day

We seldom give much thought to Iceland unless some sort of peace negotiations are taking place in Reykjavik.  Or,  you perhaps still remember all the worrisome news in March of 2010 about the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption that blew massive quantities … Continue reading

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