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I prefer to think of myself as a rational thinker, but that’s just a figment of my overactive imagination. While I strive to investigate situations objectively with a journalist’s perspective, the objectivity sometimes slips away and emotions replace my judgement. … Continue reading

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Creative Living

There’s the matter of joy that arises from creating something each day. At least this is something my friends group and I have noticed and encouraged over the past several years. Jonathan enjoys tweaking retail displays at his job. Andrew … Continue reading

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So Sensitive

I was perhaps nine or ten years old when my paternal grandfather overheard my eldest cousin tease me about being too sensitive. He pulled me to his side and said something to the effect that it is a blessing to … Continue reading

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What Is?

When we notice a cloud in the sky and simply experience the act of noticing, we see “what is” for what it is. The moment we label it as a cloud, or the category of cloud it is, or what … Continue reading

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Feeling Creative

Theodore (The Beaver) Cleaver was sent outdoors to search for his big brother Wally.  The youngster walked through various neighborhoods but could not find his brother. At last The Beaver checked the notorious, rough warehouse part of the city. There … Continue reading

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Time Traveller

While doing a Web search for H.G. Wells, yesterday, I stumbled across a holiday that is new to me.  As I understand it, “Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day” is an Internet phenomenon.  Some people place the date as … Continue reading

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Perchance To Imagine

The light sprinkles tapped out a gentle rhythm on the steel awning above my window.  I decided to step outdoors for a few moments.  The sky was close-up with a yellow-green tint of heavy overcast and haze.  I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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