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Chuck explained that when the tree fell, he had just gotten up and was getting ready for the afternoon. (He works swing shift.) My neighbor was startled because the boom sounded like a crack of thunder. He looked out of … Continue reading

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While wheeling the trash container from the curb to the back yard, I noticed a dragonfly carcass in an orb spider’s web on the side of the house. The irony of a predator caught in the web of another predator … Continue reading

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The Funeral Procession And The Levee

The weather was unusually mild and quite pleasant. I decided to enjoy some rare August quality time outdoors. I walked leisurely along East Norfolk Avenue. It’s a stretch of the town’s main street, near where the street becomes a state highway … Continue reading

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Longevity And The Old LED Clock

Yesterday morning I leaned back in the desk chair to reflexively stretch in place. The glowing numeric display of the wall clock caught my eye. The Radio Shack “Micronta” clock has kept time while hanging on the same wall since … Continue reading

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On Temporariness

I glanced at the calendar this morning and noticed that today is the second to the last day of the second month of the year already. This is a reminder about how swiftly time passes. It doesn’t seem like New … Continue reading

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I sat on the front porch step taking in the fresh air, the screeching of some blue jays, and the beauty of natural things. Then it happened. A shimmering dragonfly landed on my left knee. I held my breath so … Continue reading

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So Much Stress

Here’s a quick reminder before we get started on today’s topic: this is not a personal crisis self-help blog, there are already many other places to check out for advice. However, if my words help you in some small way, … Continue reading

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