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The radio station news reader presented the usual drizzle of sad, frustrating stories about the current state of the world. Another story about negotiations regarding coronavirus relief legislation on The Hill mentioned yet another politically motivated impasse in the discussions. … Continue reading

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The mattress on my bed saw better days a long time ago. It really needs to be recycled and replaced. I have failed to buy a new mattress because it’s difficult to choose between the large selection of mattress types, … Continue reading

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Kind Of

“I kind of think we should consider going to the Moon.” Can you imagine President John F. Kennedy using this sentence in an address to the nation? This is an absurd question, but one worth asking. History remembers Mr. Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Delays

To delay can be a downside or an upside in our lives. We can all probably remember when we were presented with an opportunity but procrastinated with our decision to accept it, the wait was too long then the opportunity … Continue reading

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I didn’t understand my father’s unwavering reliance upon the “tried and true” and his overt conservatism until I was older and experienced the problem of over-thinking for myself. A friend told me that over thinking is usually called indecision. So … Continue reading

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The United States, and the rest of the World seem to be in a state of suspension about some major issues.  This state of affairs is reflected in many of our individual lives.  Very important decisions and actions urgently need to … Continue reading

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