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On Independence

Today is Canada Day and Sunday is U.S. Independence Day. We generally consider both holidays as the birthdays of the two nations. However, I’ve long thought of the two as conception days instead of birthdays. Because independence was not achieved … Continue reading

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Everyone who has been paying even scant attention to current events is witness to discord, and strife seemingly all around us. This disharmony is nothing new, but has been ramped up during the multiplicity of crises currently facing humanity. As … Continue reading

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Just prior to quarantine days, my truck driving friend Jorge and I mulled over what it feels like being the first child of the litter. Jorge had two sisters and a brother; I grew up with one of each. My … Continue reading

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Pondering Independence

Technically speaking, I am a fully independent man. I have surpassed the official age of retirement and am free to do as I please. This realization happened a few years ago when nearly all my remaining familial obligations came to an … Continue reading

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Going With The Flow

Last month, the air and ground in my neighborhood was filled with the fuzzy fluff from cottonwood trees. This spring was also noteworthy for an overabundance of dandelions in town. These are examples of plants that use the flow of wind … Continue reading

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Lone Wolves

I have an unsettled attitude about Valentine’s Day. A big part of me loves the idea of romance. The candlelit dinner, snuggling with my lover, or a starlit walk on the beach, or the flowers all appeal strongly to me. … Continue reading

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70 Years Of Independence

I want to take this opportunity to wish my Internet friends in India and in Pakistan a happy Independence Day today. I feel privileged to regularly correspond with special people in both nations. Both India and Pakistan obtained their Independence … Continue reading

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