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The Beatles And India

Yesterday, the clerk at the thrift store in Wayne, Nebraska was testing an old boom box stereo unit to make sure the thing worked before putting it up for sale. He placed “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” into the … Continue reading

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Happy Republic Day (India)

Today, I want to send special greetings to my readers who live in India or those who have Indian ancestry. I hope you have a Happy 68th Republic Day.  The few weeks I spent in your country positively affected how … Continue reading

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International Kite Day

My obscure holidays calendar lists today as International Kite Day.  I did a quick search and discovered that practically all of the links for the events were for sites in India. There were other sites that mentioned different kite days … Continue reading

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Thinking About Sleep

I like to sit on my front porch stoop at night in the warm seasons.  I watch the changing skies, listen to the singing insects, and make note of the comings and goings of folks in the neighborhood.  During the … Continue reading

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World Tourism Day

George Harrison or some famous person connected with the Beatles said, off-hand, “India will change your life.” Perhaps many people have voiced that thought. The idea of India and inner life has remained with me for a long time. Years before I … Continue reading

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January Ideas …Floral Friday

A brand new year calls for a brand new approach to my favorite hobby.  The first projects for the 2015 Floral Fridays are light and simple.  I brought out three containers with origins in different countries and made of different … Continue reading

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Tibetan Democracy Day

One of the monks I sponsor makes sure to send me some packets of incense in time for September second each year.  Like many of the Tibetan lamas at Sera Je Monastery in South India, Lobsang has an interest in … Continue reading

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