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Well, we’ve made it past Thanksgiving and Black Friday–two days when we are encouraged to feel and behave in particular ways. On Thanksgiving, we’re expected to gather in family groups and display thankfulness whether or not we feel grateful. On … Continue reading

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The wind storm stirred unraked fallen leaves with a shallow layer of snow. On the west edge of the property lay a large, shattered old elm limb. The cold wind was still in the 25 to 35 miles an hour … Continue reading

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More Thoughts About Hate

It seems like a broken record to keep addressing the topic of hate in this blog. The problem is that hate has barged into our culture in so many ways lately. Hate is even considered to be respectable in some … Continue reading

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Phenomena Are Indifferent

It’s very tempting to believe that when something happens, it does so as a way to reward or to punish people. We see this when someone claims that a hurricane destroyed a city because of “sinful people” living in that … Continue reading

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