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Inflexible Authority

I dreamt about a former partner this morning. In the dream, Keith was wandering around, seemingly lost in a downtown alleyway. I picked him up in my old VW station wagon and asked Keith where he wanted to go. He … Continue reading

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Harsh And Inflexible

They are like the fragments of eggshell overlooked when preparing an omelet. They interrupt the pleasure of living. We’ve all met and known at least one person who is rude to others and nearly impossible to impress. On a good … Continue reading

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A few thoughts About Obstinacy

Grandma J sometimes had to remind me not to allow my redheaded temper to become stubbornness. Looking back, I don’t believe I had more boyhood temper-tantrums than my young non-ginger haired peers. In hindsight, it seems that many of my … Continue reading

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