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So Powerful

As I leafed through one of my old books last night before sleep, I came across a quote from Don Miguel Ruiz that I had jotted onto a Post It Note as a book-marker. “Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak … Continue reading

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Gently Strong

The bottle of store brand analgesic pills touts “Gentle Strength” on its label. This claim stands apart from the rest of the other pain remedies on the market that claim “Extra Strength”. The idea of treating my back pain with … Continue reading

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The Company We Keep

One of the earliest lessons we learn in childhood is that we are judged by the company we keep. If our parent taught us this, she was probably concerned about how we would develop our ideals, morals, and ethics. Literature … Continue reading

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Happiness Happens

If only I could own a quaint home with a white picket fence and have a brand new car in the driveway, I’d be happy forever. How many of us have similar wishes? Maybe the dream is for a mansion … Continue reading

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