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Information Overload

Using the Internet to gather some information has been compared to trying to get a drink from a gushing fire-hose. The metaphor came to mind as I ended my at-home spiritual retreat. The backlog of personal business, correspondence, and current … Continue reading

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Information Overload

The morning began with the constant rumble of distant thunder. The sound was somewhat soothing, so I drifted back to sleep for a few minutes. Then I woke up again because the thundershower had arrived overhead. It was making quite … Continue reading

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Information Overload

My friend Jorge remembers when he could sit down with a news magazine or the nightly newscast and find out the most important events of the day. It was like taking a drink out of a water fountain. My friend … Continue reading

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Sorting Out The Information

To say that we live in an over informed environment is to state the obvious.  One is tempted to single out the Internet as the main culprit that is drowning us with information.   That would be too easy.  To argue … Continue reading

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