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Orange the cat seemed especially curious. Before settling onto my lap, he orbited me several times while sniffing at my sweatshirt and blue jeans. He eventually looked at my face and trilled. Orange then became obsessed with my coffee mug–batting … Continue reading

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Ask Stupid Questions

During the several years when I interviewed local personalities and spokespersons, seldom did anyone of the interviewees act annoyed in the early stages of the interviews by my stupid questions. In most cases, they realized that answering the basic questions … Continue reading

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Sorting Out The Information

To say that we live in an over informed environment is to state the obvious.  One is tempted to single out the Internet as the main culprit that is drowning us with information.   That would be too easy.  To argue … Continue reading

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Curious Energy

I don’t know what I’d do without some measure of danger, risk, humor, beauty, love, and curiosity.  In my opinion, curiosity is the natural drive that provides the fuel for a rich life. I understand the need that some folks … Continue reading

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