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A Civilization Of Loners?

Ruben and I nursed diet colas while we reclined in his pair of vintage folding aluminum patio chairs. The kind of chairs constructed of very lightweight metal framing with interwoven plastic strips of green and white. Such chairs are prone … Continue reading

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Information Overload

Using the Internet to gather some information has been compared to trying to get a drink from a gushing fire-hose. The metaphor came to mind as I ended my at-home spiritual retreat. The backlog of personal business, correspondence, and current … Continue reading

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Happy WWW Day

The antique saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, holds true when it comes to how the World Wide Web was invented. First of all, the Internet was already in existence before the Web was invented.  What we now know … Continue reading

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Mindful News Consumption

The next year or so, we’ll be exposed to a media circus that may be more distracting than ever before. I ask myself, “Will I be drawn into it, or will I try to ignore it?”  A better question is, … Continue reading

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Let Go

I awoke naturally at my normal, early time a couple of Saturdays ago, then sat down at the desk to check emails and then post something new for bluejayblog. That’s when I discovered my Internet connection was broken.  I called … Continue reading

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The End Of Absence (Review)

I slid the book out of the shelf at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library and immediately felt a connection. I had a feeling that The End Of Absence–Reclaiming What We’ve Lost In A World Of Constant Connection by Michael Harris would validate some of … Continue reading

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Lone Wolves And Privacy

While driving along a rural highway this week, my thoughts became centered on the topic of privacy.  This is something I think about frequently these days because of all the revelations about the lack of it we endure every day, … Continue reading

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