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Understanding Oneself

It’s easy for us to superficially evaluate people we know very little about. We may have little or no understanding of what someone is saying or writing but we do not hesitate in appointing ourselves as her or his judges. If … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Self

While listening to one of Sam Harris’ meditation app episodes, my monkey mind drifted onto the subject “sense of self”. As I began reflecting on it, I imagined that such contemplation is a very introspective mental act. A sense of … Continue reading

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A Man Of The Times?

Yesterday was one of those typical personal Sundays when I spend an hour or so in introspection. Earlier, I had just enjoyed a few minutes of phone conversation with my young friend Jonathan. He asked for some advice regarding maintenance … Continue reading

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I like to invent my own “spiritual” retreats. They emulate the types of retreats monks and seekers partake. Instead of traveling to the Himalayas or to South America, I set up my music room at home as sacred space. I … Continue reading

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My friend Jonathan brought up the topic of reticence yesterday. He mentioned that he is more of an extrovert than I am. I mentioned that when I was Jonathan’s age, I had an even  more reticent personality. I was told by … Continue reading

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High Vision

Several years ago my vision clinic recommended a test for low vision. I went ahead and was checked. Thankfully, I had no significant symptoms of that severe visual impairment. (The term “low vision” seems like an odd misnomer, and I … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Philosophical Today

The reality of the speed of life struck me right away this morning. I glanced at the calendar and noticed we only have a month and a half of 2018 remaining. This type of realizations cause philosophical thoughts to cruise … Continue reading

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