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Connecting With Instinct

When one reaches a point of frustration and feeling obstructed, primal mental activity is activated and a solution of sorts occurs. The feeling or urge is an inborn determination and power that is coupled with prior experience. You are able … Continue reading

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Inner Illumination

My former guru cautioned his students to remain skeptical of their own enlightenment because it could very well be just another ego trip. Indeed, if a particular state of mind is judged to be high on an hierarchical scale of … Continue reading

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Heart To Heart

“Big head, target for an enemy; big heart, target for a friend.”–Confucius Once upon a time a Zen master visited a solitary monk. The great teacher queried the hermit by asking, “Why do crows fly away when they see a … Continue reading

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Heart To Heart

An ancient Eastern sage once said, “Human hearts are fields of blessings for the world, since this is where the path of reason originates.” Since we are taught that matters of the heart and subjects of reason are separate, this … Continue reading

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A flash of intuition can trigger action. It comes from deep within the mind to point the way to a solution or a new way of perception. An intuitive moment does not explain via logic, it’s more or less emotion … Continue reading

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Budding Intuition

Sometimes I feel all fidgety but not nervous. When that happens, I pick up a vase and contemplate its shapes, coloration, and material. Frequently, this puts me in the mood to create an arrangement for that particular container. I go … Continue reading

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Distrust Your Intuition?

While pondering whether or not to do something, we might remember the old platitude, “Trust your gut.” This is one of those pithy sayings that seems like an old wives tale to me. Whenever I’ve gone along with trusting my … Continue reading

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