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Pondering Batteries

During the last Arctic cold wave, the outdoor sensor for the weather monitor on my desk died. After the 60-miles-an-hour winds subsided, I disconnected the sensor from the outdoor mounting bracket and brought it inside the house. After cleaning dust, … Continue reading

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Being Creative

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not a shrinking violet nor a wallflower. Although he wore a powdered wig and the fussy clothing of his era, Mozart was not a conservative stuffed shirt. Much of his creativity came about from him having … Continue reading

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Thinking About Machines

During yesterday’s meditation, my thoughts meandered to machines.  Specifically, that I interact closely with them 24/7.  I sleep with the aid of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine that blows air into me. There’s the wristwatch I habitually strap onto … Continue reading

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The Muffs Magnate

The residents of Farmington, Maine are celebrating the birthday of their favorite son today. Weather permitting, the big parade takes place for Chester Greenwood Day. The town of Farmington celebrates each year on the first Saturday of December.  (The actual … Continue reading

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Edison’s Essay Question

Inventor Thomas Edison employed several assistants to help him develop and construct many of his inventions. Edison hired people with little education because “smart people knew too many ways a thing won’t work”. Edison provided the core ideas but the assistants … Continue reading

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How We Got To Now (Review)

I may need to update my antenna and start to watch teevee again.  Well, only so I can begin to view “How We Got To Now” on PBS. Steven Johnson is the latest writer I’ve encountered who is connected to … Continue reading

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