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Many of us understand deeply the state of isolation because we’ve experienced it in some form for a certain length of time. For the purposes of this short ramble I’m referring to isolation in the context of its harmful effects … Continue reading

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It would be great if we could sincerely care and love everyone and everything on Earth in the manner that many philosophical and religious teachers have recommended to us. Since this is only possible in our imagination as a virtuous … Continue reading

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“We’re afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home. Isolation.” —John Lennon Side one of “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was on the turntable with the stylus tracking the fifth song, “Isolation”. I’m not sure why I had decided … Continue reading

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His Personal Power

Glen was an emotionally withdrawn teen because he was often teased for his squeaky voice and long legs. He classified himself as “mid-tier” between cool and untouchable according to his school’s hierarchy. His social skills were weak to non-existent, but … Continue reading

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Like A Hermit

To be isolated from human contact for long periods of time is considered to be a severe punishment. Inmates at penitentiaries who violate prison regulations are placed in solitary confinement. Anecdotal evidence claims that prisoners would rather be in the … Continue reading

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Just Out Of Reach

It was a large, avant garde wedding. I only knew the groom and his immediate family. A Power Point slide show photo montage of the bride’s and the groom’s lives was projected onto a large screen. I sat on a … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Cabin Fever

The blizzard raged on all day. The winds caused the snowdrifts to shift around to different places on the yard, driveway, and street. If I wanted to scoop snow off the concrete, it would return within just a few minutes. … Continue reading

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