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“We’re afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home. Isolation.” —John Lennon Side one of “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was on the turntable with the stylus tracking the fifth song, “Isolation”. I’m not sure why I had decided … Continue reading

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His Personal Power

Glen was an emotionally withdrawn teen because he was often teased for his squeaky voice and long legs. He classified himself as “mid-tier” between cool and untouchable according to his school’s hierarchy. His social skills were weak to non-existent, but … Continue reading

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Like A Hermit

To be isolated from human contact for long periods of time is considered to be a severe punishment. Inmates at penitentiaries who violate prison regulations are placed in solitary confinement. Anecdotal evidence claims that prisoners would rather be in the … Continue reading

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Just Out Of Reach

It was a large, avant garde wedding. I only knew the groom and his immediate family. A Power Point slide show photo montage of the bride’s and the groom’s lives was projected onto a large screen. I sat on a … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Cabin Fever

The blizzard raged on all day. The winds caused the snowdrifts to shift around to different places on the yard, driveway, and street. If I wanted to scoop snow off the concrete, it would return within just a few minutes. … Continue reading

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Message In A Bottle

There used to be a lot of newspaper cartoons about stranded castaways on tiny islands tossing bottles containing messages into the sea. These cartoons are less common these days. The message in a bottle theme is both amusing and puzzling … Continue reading

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Afraid Of Being Unneeded

To anyone paying attention to current events, we have noticed a harsh, exclusionary trend sweeping across much of the West recently.  Misguided opinion makers are taking advantage of social changes to fuel jingoism and anti-immigrant sentiments for political advantage.  The … Continue reading

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