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It’s a shame that most of the world doesn’t celebrate the important holiday that is so popular in Greece.  It was on this day in 1940, that the Greek government replied, “No!” Do any of us remember being taught about … Continue reading

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Feast Of San Marino

The oldest surviving sovereign constitutional republic on Earth celebrates it’s national founding day today. It’s a dinky country surrounded by Italy, southeast of Bologna near the Adriatic Sea in the north central portion of the peninsula. The enclaved microstate has … Continue reading

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Vesuvius Again In 1944

When we read or hear the name “Vesuvius”, we usually think about the horrific eruption in the Roman Empire of 77 CE.  The images of the ancient Roman city, Pompeii, come to mind. The first hand descriptions of the disaster add … Continue reading

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The Rise Of Rome (Book)

In case you’ve ever believed that the study of ancient Rome is a daunting drudgery, you’re probably not alone.  Maybe you studied ancient history in school, but haven’t retained very much of it.  Perhaps your curiosity about the Roman Republic … Continue reading

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Crossing The Rubicon

I have reached the point of no return.  From this place forward, I am committed to write today’s blog post.  The ideomatic expression, “To cross the Rubicon” is generally used by modern people to signify that there is no more … Continue reading

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