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Worshipping Heroes

Earlier this month, one of my childhood heroes passed away. In my mind John Glenn will always be the astronaut who rode the “Friendship 7” Mercury capsule into orbit around the Earth. Earlier generations’ heroes were many, the brave service … Continue reading

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Five Day Weeks In The USSR

While struggling to read through an old Soviet Russian language children’s textbook the other day, I found a short mention of a curious Soviet social experiment that triggered my curiosity. It was a reconfiguration of the calendar into weeks of … Continue reading

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Animal Farm (Review)

I spent the morning of my 16th birthday helping out at the Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign headquarters.  Duane, one of my fellow volunteers, arrived, then handed me a birthday gift without any wrapping paper.  Duane said he wanted me to … Continue reading

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Soviet Victims Of Repression Remembered

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more of an understanding about the current spate of political repression and imperialistic attitudes going on in the Russian Federation.  From what I’ve gathered, Russia has long been a harsh, primal country for the … Continue reading

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Stalin’s Curse (Review)

I’m often asked why I enjoy studying history so much.  I frequently answer the question by saying that I really love great stories.  What more compelling and thrilling tales can be found than are the accounts of events and people … Continue reading

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