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Two Teachers

The subject of teaching has been in the current news lately, in a troubling way. Schools have come under increasing pressure to censor knowledge. Some schools, especially those in Florida, have bowed under iron-fisted laws. Teachers are walking on eggshells … Continue reading

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Free Press

We learn in civics or social studies classes about the vital parts of a federal democratic republic. They include the official executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Unofficially, it is important to have an active artistic community, and a free press. … Continue reading

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Me As Writer And Editor

Writers and editors can have love-hate relationships with each other. This is most true in the beginning stages of a writer’s career. The relationship happens whether the manuscript is literary or media related. I have not written a book yet, … Continue reading

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Bowdlerized (Op-Ed)

As a writer and someone who used to be employed as a media worker, all the recent hoopla about fake news feels terribly wrong. To point fingers and accuse entire news gathering organizations of being fake news is a bald … Continue reading

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The Omaha Bee-News December 28, 1930

December 28th was just another Sunday in 1930. The Great Depression had been underway for over a year. Herbert Hoover was the US President and the 71st Congress was in session. The Executive Branch and the Congressional Branch were both … Continue reading

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Happy Columnists’ Day

After scanning the front page headlines of the Omaha paper every morning, I flipped to Ann Landers’ column. This was the daily routine I enjoyed during my adolescence. In fact, after reading Landers’ words of wisdom, I made sure to … Continue reading

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Celebrate Democracy OpEd

When I was an adolescent, two of my big goals were visions of idealism. The first was to run for the U.S. Senate, the second was to become a journalist. The first one has been placed on indefinite hold ever … Continue reading

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