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A piece of contemporary, popular advice warns us against being judgmental of others. On the surface, this seems to be a good thing. However, broad, sweeping generalizations raise a large, flapping, red flag in my mind. This popular saying sometimes … Continue reading

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To Hate

To hate is easy and simple. The same is true for love. Both can be knee-jerk responses to life and the beings around us. One of the interesting aspects of both hating and loving, is that once we have surrendered … Continue reading

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Distrust Your Intuition?

While pondering whether or not to do something, we might remember the old platitude, “Trust your gut.” This is one of those pithy sayings that seems like an old wives tale to me. Whenever I’ve gone along with trusting my … Continue reading

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Pondering Common Sense

We frequently hear and read about how wonderful common sense is. The problem is, that the concept of common sense is very ambiguous. There is no singular focus of what defines common sense. Your ideas about common sense are probably … Continue reading

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