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Thinking About Giants

The images popped up within one of my quirky dream vignettes. I found myself in a hyper-fast spaceship on a collision course with the Sun. The ship veered off at the last moment and ricocheted towards the planet Jupiter. Near … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected.”–comedian Spike Milligan Once again we have arrived at the nondescript day of Thursday. It’s … Continue reading

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Space Exploration Day

There were wry remarks about Jupiter coming under the watchful eye of Juno, earlier this month.  These appeared in news stories about the then impending arrival of the Juno spacecraft at the planet Jupiter.  The remarks were double entendres regarding the … Continue reading

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Jupiter Gets Smacked

I love to play with ambiguous sentences because I have a not so secret love affair with ambiguity.  I guess that’s why I sometimes like to present my readers with a headline that can be taken more than one way. … Continue reading

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Vejovis’ Springtime Festival

Today is one of the festivals dedicated to the primordial Roman God, Vejovis.  It’s interesting in that Vejovis has become a rather obscure God and the exact manner of the rites and celebrations in his honor had already become lost … Continue reading

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Happy Meditrinalia

I love to discover arcane, little known facts about the ancient Roman Empire.  It’s especially enjoyable to find out about minor holidays.  If there is very little known about the holiday and or the deity the holiday honors, I’m even … Continue reading

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