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To Lead

“We should steadily intensify the work of establishing the Party’s monolithic leadership system to make the whole Party share ideology with the Party Central Committee, breathe the same breath as it, and keep pace with it.”–Supreme Leader of North Korea, … Continue reading

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One of the several stray cats that populate the neighborhood has been stalking me. It’s an unremarkable grey tabby with average coloration and markings. Regardless of whatever outdoors chore I’m doing, the cat is usually within visual range. While crossing … Continue reading

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Cohesive (Op-Ed)

We can assemble a staff of the most skillful technicians and office staffers as far as their talent and training are concerned, but if they are unable to work together they will not be as effective as technicians and staffers … Continue reading

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I decided to write a short post about my opinions regarding decisiveness. The decision happened almost instinctively yesterday morning while I scanned my daily calendar. It’s not that I’m a famously decisive person by nature. I can dither and hem … Continue reading

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There is a boundary line between exercising authority and being authoritarian. People who find themselves in positions of power must be keenly aware of the differences if they will be effective leaders or tyrants. Once someone becomes drunk on power … Continue reading

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Father Figure

Patriarchs have been getting a lot of bad press due to the many excesses of patriarchy.  Although patriarchy still holds sway over many parts of the world, more democratic ideals have been taking over in the US and most of … Continue reading

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