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A Few Good Books

I finally decided to start reading the two books that were given to me as Christmas gifts. They’ve been waiting for me to complete my backlog of chores and obligations. The first one is Stephanie Coontz’s The Way We Never … Continue reading

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On Ignorance

A deeply held view can be a treacherous luxury when we revere it in place of understanding and wisdom. We humans attach ourselves to beliefs and opinions like bees are attracted to flowers. Sometimes the lack of knowledge is deliberate; … Continue reading

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The Love Of Learning

My friend José asked if I had ever considered becoming a school teacher. I replied that I once seriously thought of doing so, but after much analysis and brainstorming, decided against it. José said he had given public education serious … Continue reading

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Try Something Else

We go through certain stages or times in our lives when circumstance requires us to rebuild aspects of our lifestyle or even start all over again from scratch. Although we don’t always choose when these times will occur, we do … Continue reading

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The Love Of Learning

I noticed a large poster behind the check-out desk at the public library yesterday. It depicted a stack of books and proclaimed the message, “Cultivate the love of learning.” I thought to myself that I’ve never had to cultivate a … Continue reading

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Developing Skills

The folks in my small friends-circle love to keep up with the times by exploring beyond our knowledge and skill levels. We enjoy reading books, and Web pages aimed at DIYers. We enjoy documentaries and educational videos. You might say … Continue reading

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Educate Yourself

A common meme on social media goes something like this: “Education is irrelevant. Who needs to know anything about polynomial equations?” It has become fashionable in some circles to deride education and specifically public education. Many of the complaints are … Continue reading

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