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When I searched the Web to confirm my definition of the word “legacy” is correct, the results prioritized the Subaru Legacy automobile. Such is the corporate power of utilizing search engine algorithms. I smiled at the thought that the legacy of … Continue reading

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Contemplating Legacy Yet Again

While waiting in a row of cars at the traffic signal earlier this week, I glanced at the older Subaru station wagon in front of me. It was a “Legacy”. It seems like whenever I’m stopped behind one of those … Continue reading

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The railroad crossing barrier had been lowered for what seemed like an eternity and my car was sandwiched between a rusty pickup behind me and a Subaru sedan ahead. There was just a scattering of “reading material” on the car in … Continue reading

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Write Your Memoir

A couple of my out of state friends have decided to write their autobiographies or memoirs.  I’m quite happy they are, because this fact gives me moral support in my own planning for the same type of project.  The three … Continue reading

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Thinking About Legacy

The other day I watched an interview, on the Web, from a music conference of my favorite composer/musician.  Jean-Michel Jarre was asked why he decided to include whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s image and voice on his latest album and in concert … Continue reading

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What Will Be Your Legacy?

I came across “What Will Be Your Legacy Month” on my events calendar for August last week. I paused and contemplated the meanings of the word, legacy, and how various people have interpreted it through the ages. I thought of … Continue reading

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