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Eventual Obscurity

Last week I began the process of culling photos out of the WordPress media library for this blog because they are ineffiently taking up a lot of bandwidth. This blog’s library is already reaching it’s capacity on a paid platform … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Your Head

My old guru regularly spoke about thinking too much. He reminded his students that unbridled thinking brings our focus onto “me, me, me”. When we constantly think in such a manner, one result is worry and another result is egotism. … Continue reading

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Breaking Free

Streetlight slipped past the slats of the Venetian blinds. My mind was uncharacteristically silent while observing the phenomenon–until I noticed the silence. The fascination about Venetian blinds began when I was still a toddler. A set of the blinds covered … Continue reading

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Move On

My friend and I walked down the hallway of a veterinary clinic in my dream. Doug and I marveled at fluffy, tiny kittens curled up on shelves, begging us to love them. Doug chose a long-haired kitten, picked it up, … Continue reading

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Moving On

I spent a portion of the past week pondering last year’s personal events. There are one or two that will probably require more analysis. Mistakes and wrongs, like the other stuff that have happened will likely get stuck in the … Continue reading

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Need I mention that 2020 has been a burdensome year? Every one of my friends and I have had to go out of our way in order to accomplish tasks that were once carefree and almost effortless. At the very … Continue reading

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Let It Go

Do most people on Earth have as much difficulty in letting stuff go as I do? They probably do. Don’t we like to cling onto our suffering believing we are being “stoic” about it? After all, don’t we generally fear … Continue reading

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